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Meet the Innkeeper

Angela Fierro grew up with an admiration for the big white house on Quality Road. Greeted by Emily, the home’s gracious owner, a visit there was always a delight. Angela, a life long resident of the small town of Lattimer, would depart dreaming of one day owning the beautiful home.

A love for cooking and involvement with the public have consistently been a part of Angela's life. In the 1930’s, her grandparents purchased the Pardee Lattimer Company Store. Subsequently, they renovated and turned it into a grocery store. Throughout the years, the business has become widely known for quality homemade deli items and baked goods.

Family Pictures
(above photo: The innkeeper family )

In 1996, Angela was approached by Emily’s daughter, Rebecca. She was well aware of Angela's love for the home and wanted her to know first hand about Rebecca's intentions to sell in August of that year, Angela's heartfelt dream began evolving into an actuality.

Through the help of family, friends and "Above", Angela’s dream of one day opening Emily’s Bed and Breakfast has become a reality. She invites you to experience the charm and hospitality the home has offered her since childhood.

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